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Apiros Team

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Founder, Apiros


Austin Einhorn was a three-time all-American middle blocker while at the University of California, Santa Cruz and a former professional volleyball player.

After his volleyball career he pursued his passion in all things movement and sport related. As a movement specialist, Austin has had the privilege of working with athletes from the NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL, PGA, USTA, professional surfing, and professional volleyball. Austin currently advises the Men’s National Team on biomechanics and skill acquisition. In 2016 Austin traveled several times to China at the request of the Chinese Olympic Committee to train and educate its gold-medal athletes, olympians, and the doctors, therapists, and trainers on staff.  Austin volunteers with Stanford's mens volleyball team, enhancing the team's movement quality and volleyball skill acquisition.

Austin is also a Flow Genome Project coach, working to decode ultimate human performance in the brain and body. Austin represents Microgate on the west coast. Microgate is a technology company known for elite sports science testing and training. He is a Microgate advisor to the Houston Rockets, Seattle Seahawks, and Altis at Lake Tahoe.



  • Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist
  • Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilization Exercise Trainer
  • Certified Microgate Expert
  • Flow Genome Project Coach
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Melissa Braun

Apiros Padawan


Melissa Braun is a Certified Strength and Conditioning Trainer and has been learning under Austin Einhorn’s mentorship for over three years. She is currently a Kinesiology student and varsity pole vaulter at Occidental College - class of 2019. Her passion for optimizing athletic performance stems from her own experiences with injury and witnessing the magic that is possible when an athlete’s training is specialized. 

Under Austin’s mentorship, Melissa has observed countless hours of training, trained and counseled athletes individually, worked with Austin on courses and programs he has taught, and assisted with the Stanford Men’s Basketball team OptoGait analysis.  

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The Apiros Extended family

Kevin Lawrence

I am an adventurer, a creator and an explorer — both of the physical world and of the human mind; searching for truth and ultimate human potential. Halfway through his poker career I read a book: The Art of Learning by Josh Waitzkin which changed everything. In short, it sent me on a journey inward and a journey towards a different way of being. I retired from poker to live my next dream of coaching highly intrinsically motivated individuals who lean into the idea of what life might be like living on a world-class growth and learning curve. I help my clients live on that accelerated curve to go from good to great or great to truly elite. I work with entrepreneurs, leaders, creators, professional athletes, and professional poker players.

Dr. Scott Sherr

Dr. Scott Sherr is a physician, a father to four amazing children, a husband, a creator, and a synergizer.  The box was broken a long time ago for me....and out of the box, there is wonder, love, and the potential for raising consciousness and healing if we work together.

Formally, he is an internal medicine physician specializing in Health Optimization Medicine (HOMe) and Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT). He is the Founding Organizer of Health Optimization Medicine (HOMe)–USA, a new paradigm of wellness medicine drawn from the current specialties of anti-aging medicine, nutritional medicine, longevity medicine, regenerative medicine, age management medicine, sports medicine, and rejuvenative medicine. HOMe will bridge conventional and alternative medicine through both physician and practitioner training as well as by providing a turnkey practice platform. 

Dr. Sherr also believes that HBOT--the administration of 100% oxygen at greater than atmospheric pressure -- is one of the most powerful ways to decrease inflammation, accelerate wound healing, and optimize both physical and cognitive performance. He is one of the few HBOT providers in the country that creates personalized treatment plans for patients that include HOMe, cutting edge & dynamic HBOT protocols as well as adjunctive technologies. He also has a large network of practitioners in various health fields (movement, performance coaching, meditation, cannabis, neurofeedback, and many more) that he will often leverage for a patient's optimal outcome. 

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