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Using revolutionary techniques and technology, Apiros Performance offers athletes at all levels a unique and effective training regimen specifically tailored to their unique needs. As a pioneer in bringing developmental kinesiology to the sports performance world, Apiros identifies the body's weaknesses and corrects them using specialized methods that increase performance and reduce injury.

Apiros is dedicated to creating a world-class performance culture that allows athletes to discover that their capabilities and potential have no limit. We create lasting effects in the lives of the people we help. Mastering movement is a journey without an end point, Apiros advances you along this path one detail at a time.



Noun, Greek (ancient)

the state of being limitless; boundless; without end.

What an athlete can be, They must be.

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  • We will make you better than you could ever imagine. Better than your competitors.
  • We will identify your weaknesses and asymmetries.
  • We will train the asymmetries out with unique methods and world-class objective sports science.
  • We will provide you with one-of-a-kind training that will leave you more relaxed, more powerful, more symmetrical, more efficient, and performing better.


apiros Performance

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Apiros Performance's clients range from world-class athletes to up and coming high-school stars. Our techniques have helped our clients improve their performance and reduce injury. See some of our clients below and see their training by exploring our blog.




Learn more about Apiros' clients and training methods.

Steven Wright

Boston Red Sox

"I came to Apiros Performance with some issues from a previous surgery. I was compensating with some non-ideal movements and I had no idea. Once I started working with Apiros on a regular basis I started fixing issues I had been living with my whole life. He help me get my body moving in a way it hasn't moved in years. I owe Austin a lot for helping me understand the deficiency I had in my movements which was the reason I got surgery in the first place. He has helped me prevent further injuries and increased my throwing efficiency. I now throw even better and with less effort."


Dwight Lowery


Indianapolis Colts

"I have been individually working with Apiros Performance since February of 2014. It has provided me the tools I need to constructively learn how to move my ENTIRE body as one.  I really learned from Apiros that the ability to move in and out of my hips is essential, not only athletic movement but to human movement. In our workouts we focus on isolating small, stabilizing muscle while having to perform a high intensity movement like: squatting, jumping, running, cutting, Olympic lifting, etc.

I have gained a greater sense of body awareness, fluidity through my hips, deeper knowledge of the strengths and weaknesses of my body, and a different outlook for strength and conditioning training.

I have been very pleased with what I have learned and my results and will continue to implement DNS into training for my sport. I recommend this type of training to any athlete that wants to have a deeper understanding of who they are as an athlete and what they can do to improve and become the best possible athlete that they can be."


Alexander Centenari

Professional Tennis Player

"Apiros is the type of strength and movement solution most athletes need but do not have. Many coaches hope that pushing more weight will equal better performance in sport. Apiros, instead, understands that what is done off the court should translate directly to the types of movement that an athlete needs in his or her sport. DNS, the primary method at the core of his training programs, is based in the science of ideal human motor patterns. The most efficient patterns generate the most force and produce the least strain on the body. Apiros’ main objective is to get you better in your sport - a lot better. They will do that."


Apiros-Trained athletes


Apiros takes seemingly overwhelming injuries and turns them into easily solvable projects that are often fun to work through. I always leave our training sessions feeling healthier, focused, and more dedicated to my sport every day.
— Melissa Braun, Collegiate Pole Vaulter
Before I started training with Austin at Apiros Performance, I essentially played volleyball on one leg due to knee pain. As a professional volleyball player, I knew I needed to fix this problem to progress more in my sport. He helped me address the problem and has given me the tools to stay healthy during my long seasons abroad. If you are looking to unlock your true physical potential, Apiros Performance is for you.
— Brian Cook, Professional Volleyball Player, Stanford All-American
I, like many, just thought that pain and injuries were synonymous with the sport and played through much of the pain. I went to several different specialists whom all recommended surgery, or some drastic remedy. It was not until I went to Apiros Performance that I was able to eliminate nearly all pain symptoms immediately. It wasn’t by some magic massage technique or injection, but just by fixing my mechanics and enhancing how I moved.
— Cory McElyea, Professional Golfer