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Noun, Greek (ancient)

the state of being limitless and boundless.



From form to formless & from finite to infinite.
— Bruce Lee

Apiros optimizes and fully saturates human athletic potential.

Apiros is a world-class culture, formless and boundless.


 Just because you are not sick does not mean you are healthy.






“By taking a shape, by having a visible plan, you open yourself to attack.

Instead of taking a form for your enemy to grasp,

keep yourself adaptable and on the move.

Accept the fact that nothing is certain and no law is fixed.

The best way to protect yourself is to be as fluid and formless as water; never bet on stability or lasting order.

Everything changes.”

-Robert Greene

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Apiros Team

Athletes & their Stories

The Apiros Team athletes range from world-class athletes to up and coming high-school stars. Read their stories below.

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James Shaw

Member of US National Team & Professional Volleyball Player

What can I say about Austin and the Apiros team that hasn’t already been said or shared by the many awesome athletes who they work with? Austin came into my life at a crucial point in my career. I was a junior-going-on-senior at Stanford University on the men’s volleyball team and had just finished yet another injury-plagued season. I was wondering if I’d ever make it through a year without the need for surgery on yet another body part, let alone if I’d be able to accomplish my goals of becoming a member of the US National Team or even a professional athlete. Austin, through multiple connections to our program, was fortunately swayed enough to become our program’s “volunteer assistant” and he, whether he knew it at the time or not, would take me on as one of his biggest projects. Needless to say, he made an immediate impact on the program, as we enjoyed a year virtually free of major injuries and were ranked within the top 5 in the national rankings and led the MPSF for the majority of the year. I was named a First Team AVCA All-American and MPSF Player of the Year, never missing a match for the first year in my entire athletic career. I bought in to his every word, and give most of the credit for those awards and accolades to Austin. He gained the respect of my teammates, our coaches, our training and weights staffs, and even the team’s parents. He became a recruiting point to (more than) mention for future Cardinal volleyballers, too. 


His work with me didn’t stop when my career at Stanford ended, though. His greatest influence on me, amazingly enough, is not on my ability to stay on the court. His effects on me show even more so through his growth mindset, an example that all of his athletes and I try to follow in line with and emulate on a daily basis. His ability to teach growth in other areas of life is something I am inspired to not only utilize, but pass forward to other like-minded athletes and people in general. Austin got me to start practicing mindfulness through meditation. Austin got me to read some of my favorite books ever read- ones that I often pass on to my loved ones for them to read. Austin got me to start eating within the guidelines of the ketogenic diet, and altering within it in order to be able to optimize my energy throughout a grueling schedule as a professional playing overseas. Perhaps the most important part of he and Apiros’ M.O. is that they are inviting of criticism and questioning the process. Austin has wanted me to question everything he teaches me. When it comes to in-person workouts, he often asks athletes what they would like to work on that day, and how they’d like it to proceed. I appreciate this facet of his work to no end. As I move forward in my career, whether I continue to pursue the overseas athlete life or decide to make a 90-degree turn, I know Austin is going to be there not only supporting my decisions, but also wanting to see me push way past where I thought my potential was. There are no limits to what we’re capable of as athletes, in Austin and the Apiros team’s eyes. I’m so grateful to be a part of a team like this.


Dwight Lowery


Los Angeles Chargers

"I have been individually working with Apiros since February of 2014. It has provided me the tools I need to constructively learn how to move my ENTIRE body as one.  I really learned from Apiros that the ability to move in and out of my hips is essential, not only athletic movement but to human movement. In our workouts we focus on isolating small, stabilizing muscle while having to perform a high intensity movement like: squatting, jumping, running, cutting, Olympic lifting, etc.

I have gained a greater sense of body awareness, fluidity through my hips, deeper knowledge of the strengths and weaknesses of my body, and a different outlook for strength and conditioning training.

I have been very pleased with what I have learned and my results and will continue to implement DNS into training for my sport. I recommend this type of training to any athlete that wants to have a deeper understanding of who they are as an athlete and what they can do to improve and become the best possible athlete that they can be."


Travis Boak

Professional Australian Football Player & Team Captain

I went to Santa Cruz to train with Austin not really knowing what exactly I was going to be doing or how I was going to improve as an athlete but I was going there wanting to improve. 
The thing is I came away after 6 days of training not only as a better athlete but better person. 

I was only meant to stay for 4 days but changed my trip to stay longer as I was getting so much out of each session, I learnt about parts of my body that weren’t as strong and where I needed to improve and within a day understating how to fix that and felt the difference coming into the next session. The biggest thing I learnt and am know seeing benefits in my training is how to use my core properly just from focusing on my stomach position now I am so much stronger and powerful in my training and sport because of it. Being aware of your body and how it reacts during certain movements is something I knew nothing about but now completely understand why it’s so important, the power that I can now create through movement is a huge difference from when I walked through the door.

The thing that Austin gets and that a lot of trainers out there don't, is the importance of the relationship with the athlete, we are all different we learn different but he wants to get to know you on a personal level to help train you the best way this is what I loved most, it wasn’t just do this exercise because I said so there is genuine care there for the athlete and then he lets you explain what your doing and how you are feeling during the exercise to help you learn. I have come back to Australia a much better athlete and can’t wait for my season to start because of how much I have improved from Austin’s training. I am so much more relaxed as a footballer because what I learnt from Austin. There is no certain way to do something, think outside the box. If the goal is to pick the ball up just pick the ball up, it has calmed my mind and body so much from going through that. I can’t wait to go back again next year for longer.

Travis Boak
Port Adelaide Captain

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Lauren Fendrick

Professional Beach Volleyball Player, Olympian, 2017 Silver Medalist

Getting to work with Austin has been one of the most transformative experiences of my athletic career. I've been lifting and training for volleyball for over 20 years and there were things I thought my body just could not do... working with Austin has shown me otherwise. He processes movement different than any trainer I've met and it's been exciting to see my movements transform."


Ciara cantlen

USA Youth High Performance Silver Medal, CCS D3 Champions, SCCAL Freshman of the Year, USA Beach and Indoor Volleyball Athlete.

Being an Apiros athlete and getting to train with Austin Einhorn has been the most beneficial and rewarding experience of my life. Austin has completely transformed me as an athlete and person. While he has helped my body and the way I move immensely, I think Austin has had the most profound effect on my mind. I started training with Austin four months into my illness. I had an extreme headache every day, twenty-four hours a day for two and a half years. After trying countless medications, tests, treatments, and diets I was finally diagnosed with Lyme Disease. The Lyme treatment was extremely brutal and I have Austin to thank the most for helping me through it. Barely being able to get out of bed and throwing up every hour with an excruciating headache, I would go into Apiros and spend time with Austin and whatever athletes were there to try to keep my mind off of everything. I didn’t have the energy to train but Austin was still willing and able to help me through the hardest time of my life. I know that Austin spent so much of his time thinking of ways to help me. About ten months ago, I had a huge breakthrough mentally and physically with the help of Austin. After months of treatment that was not working, I decided that I was going to cure myself. I threw out all of my medications and began an anti-inflammatory diet. Two weeks into the diet, I was headache free. After missing a year of school, I am in high school, healthy, happy, and playing volleyball at a high level. I am so incredibly thankful for Austin and the mentors that he introduced into my life through Apiros.


Jordan Burgess

Professional Volleyball Player, Stanford All-American, Gatorade Athlete of the Year.

When I first joined Apiros, I was desperate. I dreamed of playing professional volleyball but after two years of battling a string of injuries (shoulder surgery, toes, abs, hips, etc) with the help of many coaches and trainers, I couldn’t get back on the court. I’d play for two practices and something new would start hurting. Doctor’s couldn’t explain why I jumped from one injury to the next… they thought it was just bad luck. In 6 months, Austin gave me my sport back and sent me to Germany to play in my first professional season. I gotta say my favorite part of playing volleyball again was the 6 months I spent with Austin. By far my favorite actually. Austin works “miracles” by looking at his athletes movement patterns with curiosity and bravery — he experiments and isn’t afraid to stray from “the book”. He’s a movement guru — my Mr. Miyagi. If you want to become your best, get this guy on your team. I’m forever grateful!!

JB stanford.jpeg

Alexander Centenari

Professional Tennis Player

"Apiros is the type of strength and movement solution most athletes need but do not have. Many coaches hope that pushing more weight will equal better performance in sport. Apiros, instead, understands that what is done off the court should translate directly to the types of movement that an athlete needs in his or her sport. DNS, the primary method at the core of his training programs, is based in the science of ideal human motor patterns. The most efficient patterns generate the most force and produce the least strain on the body. Apiros’ main objective is to get you better in your sport - a lot better. They will do that."


Steven Wright

Boston Red Sox

"I came to Apiros with some issues from a previous surgery. I was compensating with some non-ideal movements and I had no idea. Once I started working with Apiros on a regular basis I started fixing issues I had been living with my whole life. He help me get my body moving in a way it hasn't moved in years. I owe Austin a lot for helping me understand the deficiency I had in my movements which was the reason I got surgery in the first place. He has helped me prevent further injuries and increased my throwing efficiency. I now throw even better and with less effort."


Apiros athletes


Before I started training with Austin at Apiros, I essentially played volleyball on one leg due to knee pain. As a professional volleyball player, I knew I needed to fix this problem to progress more in my sport. He helped me address the problem and has given me the tools to stay healthy during my long seasons abroad. If you are looking to unlock your true physical potential, Apiros Performance is for you.
— Brian Cook, Professional Volleyball Player, Stanford All-American
I, like many, just thought that pain and injuries were synonymous with the sport and played through much of the pain. I went to several different specialists whom all recommended surgery, or some drastic remedy. It was not until I went to Apiros that I was able to eliminate nearly all pain symptoms immediately. It wasn’t by some magic massage technique or injection, but just by fixing my mechanics and enhancing how I moved.
— Cory McElyea, Professional Golfer