Shawn Myszka - The Secret Weapon of NFL & Movement Development

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Grab your notebooks and put on your learning caps for this episode folks. Shawn Myszka is the most passionate person that either Jeff or I know. This passion, love, and gratitude have fueled him on an endless quest for knowledge of movement of the human species. He is at a point in his career where he only works with NFL players. Within this episode, we are intoxicated with his passion and depth of knowledge. We cover a wide range of topics while getting really deep into many of them. 

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Topics we cover:

  • Who he is that drives his passion for helping athletes.
  • The story of his "failure" of his first NFL athlete.
  • The value of physical preparation
  • The detailed process of his film analysis
  • How he speaks to his athletes to initiate changes within their "movement signature"
  • How he is working to change his new Pro-Bowler Defensive End
  • Snippets of his process & progression of initiating movement and proprioception change within athletes.
  • The goals of his training
  • Our collective thoughts on the salaries professional athletes receive
  • The qualities outliers have within the NFL
    • Certain brain qualities
    • Personality traits
    • Better movement tool box.
  • His advice to any professional that works with the human body.
  • How he would raise a child to succeed athletically or simply have a strong movement vocabulary.

Learning Opportunities we discuss:

  • Degrees of freedom
  • Dynamic Systems Theory
    • Carl Newell
    • Keith Davids
    • Paul Glazier
    • Nikolai Berstein

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