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You are the hero of this Story

Caminante, no hay camino, se hace camino al andar.
Wanderer, there is no path, you forge the path as you walk it.

- Anthony Machado


Choose Your Adventure

1. Call to Adventure

The Call to Adventure is about getting you, the hero, started on the right track. After learning where the hero has previously come from and what is needed most, we will help you forge a new path. Over the course of three sessions at a time, you will leave with a new understanding of what's required of your body and mind.  

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2. Meeting with Mentor

Meeting with the Mentor is for those who want a little more consistent guidance along their journey. A deeper relationship is formed over the course of regular visits month to month. The hero is still largely walking their path on their own but, there is frequent course corrections to ensure the hero is still headed towards their ultimate vision with guidance from Apiros.

Along the way, the hero will be initiated in a much more efficient route. The mentor will provide movements for any deficiencies, sport specific enhancements for the path that lay ahead, as well as several essential training experienced to build robustness for the road ahead. This hero must reach within for discipline and courage to forge their own path on their own with help four to six times per month.  

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3. The Hero's Journey

Will you be able to give a whole-hearted yes to your own adventure?

Choosing this path is a commitment to a new world of Qualitative performance and lifestyle.

Together, we will commit to a purpose larger than ourselves. Along this journey a deep bond will be developed while we discover your "prophecy," and dance on the razor's edge pushing limits. We will uncover inner fears and slay mental dragons. Comfort zones will be pushed to put us on a world-class learning curve.

Along the way the hero will have full access to all movement opportunities respective of what is ideal for the hero. The Apiros Family of "mythic elements" consisting of other guides, doctors, coaching wizards will be introduced and available if necessary.

Every day, data will be collected to consistently optimize the path as well as ensure we are on the best route.   

Only apply for this journey if you are ready to live a life of Quality. Ready to push boundaries and comfort zones. 

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