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You are the hero of this Story

You are never given a wish without also being given the power to make it true.

You make have to work for it, however.

- Richard Bach



If you’re local, you already know the beauty that lies in Santa Cruz. We offer flexible scheduling to fit the schedules of work, school, and traffic tendencies.

Our facility is a stone’s throw from Pleasure Point. Parents who are driving their kids can drop them off and be at the beach or some fantastic cafes and restaurants.

Apiros training, at its core, is highly educational and autonomous. Therefore, athletes who are a bit further away and cannot come as frequently still benefit immensely from each movement lesson. We tailor each lesson to the athlete’s needs and scheduling abilities.

Stories of our local athletes:



Santa Cruz is a hidden gem on the coast of California. If you’re flying in for training, you’re also going to be staying in a beautiful beach town that has some of California’s greatest gifts nearby.

Santa Cruz

  • Countless trails in the redwood forests or along the beach.

  • World-class surf.

  • Delicious and healthy restaurants.

Nearby Attractions

  • Yosemite National Park (Our favorite park in the whole country)

  • San Francisco

  • Big Sur

    • Pebble Beach

  • Napa Valley

  • Lake Tahoe



Stories of Previous visits:

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Travis Boak

Professional Australian Football Player & Team Captain

I went to Santa Cruz to train with Austin not really knowing what exactly I was going to be doing or how I was going to improve as an athlete but I was going there wanting to improve.

The thing is I came away after 6 days of training not only as a better athlete but better person.

I was only meant to stay for 4 days but changed my trip to stay longer as I was getting so much out of each session, I learnt about parts of my body that weren’t as strong and where I needed to improve and within a day understating how to fix that and felt the difference coming into the next session. The biggest thing I learnt and am know seeing benefits in my training is how to use my core properly just from focusing on my stomach position now I am so much stronger and powerful in my training and sport because of it. Being aware of your body and how it reacts during certain movements is something I knew nothing about but now completely understand why it’s so important, the power that I can now create through movement is a huge difference from when I walked through the door.

The thing that Austin gets and that a lot of trainers out there don't, is the importance of the relationship with the athlete, we are all different we learn different but he wants to get to know you on a personal level to help train you the best way this is what I loved most, it wasn’t just do this exercise because I said so there is genuine care there for the athlete and then he lets you explain what your doing and how you are feeling during the exercise to help you learn. I have come back to Australia a much better athlete and can’t wait for my season to start because of how much I have improved from Austin’s training. I am so much more relaxed as a footballer because what I learnt from Austin. There is no certain way to do something, think outside the box. If the goal is to pick the ball up just pick the ball up, it has calmed my mind and body so much from going through that. I can’t wait to go back again next year for longer.

Travis Boak


Port Adelaide Captain