Dwight Lowery Training Video

A little mini-movie of NFL Safety Dwight Lowery's training last week. First you see the #GYKO measuring live power output for that days squat session. This gives him biofeedback about perceived vs. actual effort. As well as shows him a benchmark of where he should be at that exact weight. Hence, the red bar followed by three green ones. That calculation was made weeks earlier to guide us through this process.

Then we progressed into some plyometric work on the field, followed by some sprint technique work. The GYKO here measured a lot, what we were mainly concerned with was his progressive uprighting of his spine over 40 yards. You can see in the top right corner of the image attached that it is extremely progressive with no spikes in his uprighting. This is important as many athletes upright too early, cutting their acceleration phase short and usually over-striding with their feet.

Lastly, we take it from block practice to random practice with him running some defensive routes while reacting to a quarterback and having a target to run towards.

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