Dissecting Samantha Bricio & AVCA Tip of the Week Video

Latest breakdown of Samantha Bricio and American Volleyball Coaches Association (AVCA) Tip of the Week.

@ 0:43 - Firstly, they talk about how much time the passer has to track the ball after initial contact by the server. This is wrong because the best passers, and athletes in the world start tracking the ball BEFORE the athlete has made contact with the ball. Same thing with baseball hitters, they start to see where the ball is going before the ball is even released, picking up on subtle body cues. 

@ 2:21 - Secondly, when they freeze her footwork and say that it's good for her left to be PARALLEL with the end line directly contradicts what the narrater states previously in that the footwork should be the same as the attack. I believe this is a symptom of people thinking that just because you are talented at your sport means that you also move with good mechanics. And that this actual internal rotation and adduction/lack of proper hip loading is this athlete's "secret sauce" to being talented. When in actuality this athlete is awful at loading both her hips, especially her right as seen by the massive amounts of internal rotation and adduction. Also, he states that this opens her hips. Wrong. If she had initially planted her right foot properly with ~45 degrees of external rotation, that is what opens her hips. This is actually a really good example at how to NOT load your hips. Also, he states at the end that you are supposed to jump into the court, if your foot closes off like this, it will stop a lot of forward momentum...

@ 2:37 - Thirdly, this "inverted C" could also be titled, "This-athlete-didn't-load-her-hips-so-now-she-has-to-extend-her-spine-in-order-to-bring-her-arm-back-so-she-can-pike-through-the-ball-instead-of-rotate." Your elbow should NOT be the thing to open your hips and shoulders, you would want your hips and shoulders to open themselves to the ball. She actually won't have "tremendous amounts of rotation," but she will certainly have tremendous amounts of "core flexion," or commonly known as rounding your back...yikes. 

@ 3:01 - Misinterpretation of rotation, see that giant eclipse of a shadow on her low back? Guess what created it? Her back extension, not rotation. This becoming easier to see? Funny that this also shows her hips nearly parallel with the net now....I thought you said this opened up her hips...So if her hips are close off even before she starts accelerating her arm/body forward, how is she going to rotate? I'm confused...

These are the main issues I see with this athlete and this video. I could mention many more things, but these are very common dysfunctions and misunderstandings that are common throughout volleyball.

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