Eurocup Basketball Pro: Angelo Caloiaro

Meet Angelo Caloiaro, he is a basketball player from Saratoga who played at USF and is currently playing professionally in Germany and made the All-Star Team last year. Angelo came to me with only a short time before he had to return to his team so we had to work quickly.

 It was an immediate observation that he was already very strong, powerful, and could jump high. But the big question was, how much did he have to gain?

So far he has had quite an impressive first few weeks with me. Below are his average improvements within each session during just the first week of training. Using the elite OptoJump technology I was able to measure every discernible piece of data to see what he needed most to succeed.

Single Leg Power

L - 10%

R - 6.6%

Single Leg Flight Time/Contact Efficiency

L) + 15%

R) + 9%

Single Leg Jump Height/Contact Time Efficiency

L) + 17.8%

R) + 9.4%

Single Leg Jump Height

L) + 10%

R) + 12.6%

Single Leg Power

L) + 18.9%

R) + 19.6%

Flight Time/Contact Time Efficiency

L) + 29.5%

R) + 24.5%

Height/Contact Time Efficiency

L) + 36.5%

R) + 33.2%

The efficiency numbers are what is crucial here. Efficiency can be a widely generalized term but in short, he is getting much more bang for his buck. In short, with the same amount of effort he was expending prior to training, he was jumping much less than his potential. It should be mentioned that I did not get him stronger, I did not give him more power, I didn’t add any muscle mass. There is no way I could do that all or any of that this short of time. I believe that there are no strong or weak muscles in the body, only strong or weak muscular patterns. All I did was enhance his ability to utilize these muscular patterns, which unleashed his potential. 

As training continued his numbers continued to skyrocket. His vast improvements in his efficiency numbers, demonstrate how much his body has been yearning for this advancement in his biomechanics. His overall gains over his first two weeks are as follows:

Gains over first two weeks


L - 1.1%

R - 5.6%


L - 2%

R - 8%

Flight time/Contact Time Efficiency

L - 3%

R - 11.6%

Height/Contact Time Efficiency

L - 3%

R - 15.2%

Surface Area/ Dynamic Stability/ Balance

L - 14%

R - 28.8%


Below 5% within all parameters

What you should take away from this is his huge increases in efficiency on his right leg, as well as increasing his control. Also, one of the biggest causes of injury within athletes is assymetry, attacking his faulty movement patterns brought his asymmtry down to an acceptable level of 5% and below. If you have ever seen an athlete try and make what seems like an easy play, and then they look at their hand or foot in disbelief. As if they are having a conversation with their limb and asking it, “Why didn’t you catch that?” Assuredly, they would have a poor surface area measurement. An analogy I use for the surface area measurement is that even if you can jump really high and powerfully, it does not really matter if you can not control it. What is the use of having a Ferrari if you do not have a steering wheel? This is where our exclusive training paired with the OptoJump really shines. 

Back to Angelo though, I did not teach him how to jump more efficiently, or with more control, I used the revolutionary principles of Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilization to activate the correct muscular patterns that he was lacking. This change in his movement trickles down to everything that we measure and like seeing within good athletes.

Lastly, look at the difference between his Skier Test in the picture. This lateral agility test is paramount for basketball players who spend a good chunk of their time moving side to side. Again, I did not teach him how to change his jumping pattern (…yet) I just unlocked his potential and turned on the muscular pattern that he was not using optimally. This then changed how he jumped, increased efficiency and improved his overall movement pattern. You can easily see how his spine is in a much better position, along with right right hip musculature. These changes will not only reduce his risk for injury, and help any current ailments but also vastly improves his sports performance. It should be noted that I did not put a ton of weight on him, I did not make him do some miracle number and combination of sets and reps, although those things are important they do not take precedent over optimal mechanics. 

Just from our training he has noticed how much better of a basketball player he has become and how much his defense and movement on the court has improved. Angelo will be taking his custom tailored program with him abroad to continue to reach his full potential.